Download where the old version of WhatsApp on Android or iPhone

WhatsApp is one of the messenger veterans and, being in the application market since 2011, still does not lose its relevance. Like all applications, WhatsApp regularly updates its versions, adjusting to new operating systems. Old versions at the same time gradually disappear as unnecessary. But a certain category of users tries to use old versions without updating them. We’ll tell you where WhatsApp to download the old version on Android or iPhone, if you are an adherent of the old style or your phone simply does not pull new versions.

whatsapp download old version

Download the old version of WhatsApp

Just note that downloading the old version from the official resource will not work – the developers add only new versions of the program to the site, removing the previous ones. However, there are entire directories of old versions of programs on the network – look for special topics on forums, threads on torrents.

On Android

The network has a selection of versions of WhatsApp for Android, starting from the very first, for example, the site – follow the link and get access to all options of the program. You can also search the web for directories of old versions of programs – such information is often found on thematic forums and torrent services. After installing the previous version, do not forget to remove the new one and disable the automatic update option in the application settings.

On iphone

On iPhones, the process of installing a version that differs from the last update is somewhat problematic. To do this, you must install the Charles utility, with which you can change the version number of the application. After installing the utility, continue with the following steps:

  1. Open iTunes and resume downloading vatsap old version
  2. In Charles, select any server name where you see the word “buy”.whatsap requires updating what to do to leave the old version
  3. In the menu that appears, select the buyProduct file by right-clicking, then click on Breakpoints.vatsap download the old version for android
  4. Remove the downloaded WhatsApp program from iTunes and enable download again.
  5. As soon as the download starts, the Charles screen appears – we need the Edit Request section, go to it and select the XML Text display option.whatsapp for computer old version
  6. Instead of numbers between double tags <string></ string>, enter the assembly code of the version you need. As a result, the line looks like this: <string>build code</ string>.whatsapp for android old version
  7. Click the Execute button. If the utility starts to open again – click on reset.


After these manipulations, downloading the messenger of the version that you specify yourself will resume. After downloading, start the synchronization of the application with the iPhone, erase the version that you had before, and disable the ability to update automatically in the application to return the old version of whatsap

Advantages and disadvantages of the old version

The latest update outraged the owners of iPhones – they were especially reflected in the large memory consumption of the new version. But the owners of devices on both operating systems have complaints: new versions are clearly developed for the owners of flagships, as they have large technical requirements. Also, WhatsApp does not officially support older versions, so all new features that appear in the latest updates will not be available on older versions.

But if you don’t have the opportunity to purchase a phone that supports the latest iOS or Android updates, of course you better use the limited functionality of older versions.


Whatever phone you use, you can always find the version of the program that you are used to using, however, remember that if your interlocutors update the application, they will have all new functions, and your communication with the messenger may become uncomfortable and limited.