– information site about messengers – This is an information site about messengers like: Whatsapp, viber, telegram and others, where active users of the application find answers to all questions of interest.

Now the World Wide Web offers many applications for contact via SMS from a mobile. There are more popular, there are less known and inconvenient. But the leading niche is rightfully occupied by WhatsApp. However, even confident advanced users encounter incomprehensible moments in practical use..

To reduce such moments, as well as to find answers to your questions, a message-geek website was created.

Here you will find answers to the most popular questions, such as:

  • change the status in the application;
  • Create, administer, and delete a group
  • remove people from the blacklist in WhatsApp;
  • install phone messenger on Mac or Windows computer;
  • change the design of the message sending window;
  • Change password;
  • change the sound on the notification or call;

Features of using instant messengers on Android and iOS, technological support, round-the-clock consulting – all this can be found on

User-friendly interface, high-quality layout, laconic presentation will help users quickly navigate, even if they visited the site for the first time.