Whatsapp video call: how to set up and make a video call

Whatsapp video call is a feature of the popular messenger that allows you to chat with friends in the appropriate format. Many users are interested in the availability of this option in a mobile device..

Please note that for more than two years, the service has stopped supporting older OSs. Therefore, for unhindered communication, you should take care of replacing portable equipment. The following operating systems support video calls:

  • Android version 4.1.1+;
  • iOS no earlier than version 0;
  • Windows Phone development allows you to communicate in video mode from version 8.1.

We hasten to reassure those who value every penny. Conversations inside the messenger are absolutely free of charge. Programmers took care of the provision of free communication. But when connecting a mobile operator, a charge for the used traffic is likely.

Based on the described scenario, first of all, check that the unlimited Internet service is activated on the smartphone. You can also make a budget tariff for 3G or 4G – then there will be no problems with money.

how to record a video call in whatsap

How to make a Whatsapp video call

Before setting up video call at WhatsApp, read the following guidelines. In principle, the functional potential of the considered social network is no worse than Viber or Skype.

A person is free to call contacts without leaving an open utility. Also, there is no need to turn off WhatsApp to launch another program for communication.

But there are points that it makes sense to pay attention to:

  • download the application from the online store;
  • open the downloaded file;
  • add to the list of contacts of your friends;
  • make sure that the messenger is connected to the global network.

From computer

Now it’s time to set up calls, just note that you can’t call customers in any form on your PC. To date, this function is still being developed by programmers..

From phone

To correctly configure an Android-based device to make calls, take the following steps:

  • open an electronic conversation – you will see a list of registered participants;
  • mark the person you are interested in;
  • tap on the camera icon next to the number of the interlocutor;
  • call the selected person.WhatsApp video call from computer

Although you won’t be able to make WhatsApp video calls from your computer, Android has an additional way to create a conversation in the zashnik:

  • enter the chat in which the selected contact is located;
  • the picture of the handset of the phone will be displayed on top – you need to click.

For iOS devices, the algorithm is also uncomplicated:

  • in a pre-installed client, start a conversation;
  • at the top of the display you can see the camcorder icon where you want to touch with your finger.

You can scroll through the list of subscribers and tap on the camera near the right person. Do not forget about the need for a fresh version of Whatsapp and a mobile OS from the interlocutor.

How to accept a video call

If someone makes a call in your direction, a frame pops up on which the text is written: “Whatsapp Incoming Video Call”. You can choose from several options:

  • Scroll up the green handset to receive a call;
  • Scroll the red tube at the top to reject the video call;
  • swipe up the dialog icon to send a notification when voice calls are rejected.

How to switch between audio and video calls

You already know how to set up a video call in WhatsApp – the process of switching accordingly is also simple. To activate communication in audio mode, perform the manipulations indicated below:

  • when a video call is in progress, tap the camera off icon (crossed out video camera). The person participating in the conversation will immediately receive an alert to close this broadcast format;
  • then the chat participant deactivates the video at home, and you turn on the audio.

The reverse stage (activation of a video call in the application):

  • if voice communication lasts, but you need to provide a picture, tap on the camera image;
  • the person at the other end of the “wire” will receive a notification about the acceptance of the video format of the negotiations – the fate of the call now depends on the actions of that subscriber (accept or decline the offer)

How to make a group video call

Before creating or accepting communication with several participants “Face to face”, monitor the quality of communication provided by the Internet service provider (mobile operator). How to set up a video call in WhatsApp, keep in mind that the overall signal level is in direct proportion to the nature of the slowest / most unstable connection of a particular participant.

If someone sent you a message about joining a public conversation in the messenger, the display will show the phrase “Whatsapp Video Call” and the people who are connected to the chat. In the described scenario, you are the first contact listed in the list of interlocutors.

When a call is in progress, the user has the right to remove the video demonstration by clicking on the “Disconnect Camera” icon. However, he is not able to remove a person from the conversation – everything happens only with the consent of the “extra” person, the subscriber simply leaves the group.

From group chat

To open a conversation from a public place on WhatsApp:

  • go to the chat you are interested in;
  • click on the image of the tube with a plus sign;
  • search or mark the people you want to see in the group;vatsap video call
  • tap on the camcorder icon.

Ever since you set up a video call on WhatsApp and chatted in plenty, a lot of water has flowed? It doesn’t matter – the system stores statistics of calls in the “Calls” section. To open the list of participants, tap call history..

From among the persons participating in the conversation, you can meet those whom you wanted to block. However, it’s not possible to bring blocked contacts into the conversation in person..

Calls Tab

Start a chat directly from Calls:

  • go to the section of the same name;
  • touch the line “New call” (handset with a plus);
  • in the menu that opens, select the item with the image of two silhouettes of men;
  • find or mark subscribers that are eligible to participate in the video call.

From individual chat

The function of starting a conversation from a personal chat involves the following actions:

  • start a conversation with a person in the video broadcast mode;
  • click on the camera icon;
  • after this subscriber answers the call, select the line to add the interlocutor (a familiar handset with a plus sign);
  • look for a person or immediately select the one whom you intend to bring in an individual conversation;
  • touch the word “Add” if someone sent you an offer.


How to set up a video call in WhatsApp when a person who is going to contact via voice or video still does not have a client installed? Alas, this is outside the scope of the rules of the system..

Other messengers in the described case allow you to call familiar people, but not Whatsapp. Therefore, all potential conversation participants will have to install this application on their portable devices..