Whatsapp via Wifi does not work: reasons and what to do

WhatsApp doesn’t work through Wifi – how serious is such a problem? Vatsap refers to unpretentious messengers, users do not experience discomfort with it. But there are sometimes problems with communication – their appearance does not always depend on developers.

why whatsapp works only from wi fi

Why WhatsApp does not work without Wi-Fi

Most WhatsApp problems are related either to the application itself or to the lack of an Internet connection. Start troubleshooting should be a banal reboot (or restart the smartphone). Here are the main reasons that can cause a failure:

  • Outdated version of WhatsApp
  • activated flight mode;
  • lack of mobile Internet;
  • problems with the access point;
  • Incorrect APN settings
  • Legacy Android OS
  • network shutdown in sleep mode.

Start by stopping the messenger and restarting the program. In the “Settings”, find the “All Applications” section. Choose “Running” and click “Stop”.

Step 1.why vatsap does not work without wifi on iphone after update

Step 2.whatsapp via wifi does not work

Step 3.why vatsap does not work without wifi

Make sure you are registered to Wi-Fi. Check it out in your phone browser. If problems persist, we recommend that you contact your system administrator..

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Communication problems

Why else do failures occur? Connection problems are found in most cases. This hypothesis is checked easily – by launching the browser and opening any page that has turned up. The site did not load? This means that WhatsApp does not work through Wi-Fi due to temporary disconnect. For the final check, carry out the following manipulations:

  1. Check your Wi-Fi connection and your plan..
  2. Make sure the gadget is connected to the Internet and the signal strength is strong enough.
  3. Download any web page.
  4. Restart your smartphone.

WhatsApp works only through wi-fi why

The provider can block individual messengers – how to connect in this situation? First, try to call the service center and make sure that the provider is not jamming the signal purposefully. Check the balance – suddenly you were blocked for non-payment? If everything is in order, go through the settings and reconnect to the Internet.

Application Issues

Are you still not sending messages? The second most common reason is the use of an outdated version of the messenger. Updates need to be done regularly – this will get rid of accumulated bugs. Over time, part of the functionality is lost due to system errors. So, WhatsApp via wifi does not work for you due to the lack of updates? Be patient and find a good Internet connection. Go to the section “Applications and games”.WhatsApp doesn't work through wi-fi

If something has not been updated for a long time, you will see a large button “Update” (if everything is in order with the version – “Open”). Click “Update” and let the system solve the problem instead of us.WhatsApp and Viber do not work

The manipulations described above are done on Android. For iPhones, the process looks similar. After moving to Upstore, go to the “Updates”. There are already familiar buttons.

WhatsApp doesn't work without wi-fi

Smartphones often begin to “slow down” due to overflowing memory. Restarting the gadget cures this disease. Reinstalling the Watsap is considered a radical remedy, but in some cases one cannot do without it. Reinstallation is carried out using standard tools, and you need to clear the cache. Full cleaning is done through external utilities (preferred option). Examples of such utilities:

  • Uninstaller
  • Root Uninstaller;
  • Cleaner.

Doesn’t work from wifi after update

This rotation indicates the severity of the problem. Check if incoming notifications are accepted (the option can be disabled). Pay attention to the battery – with a low charge, the smartphone can skip to energy-saving mode. If WhatsApp does not work via Wi-Fi after a full update, think about compatibility between the operating system and the messenger. Specify compatibility of different versions of WhatsApp with specific models of smartphones in advance.

why vatsap works only from wifi

But you should download the application only from the official resource. There, under each model, sections are created in which compatible versions of the messenger are. Perhaps you should again make sure that you have not mixed up anything. Did you get a mistake? Delete the “wrong” program and start the day from scratch.