How to temporarily disable Whatsapp on your phone

Are you tired of the endless stream of messages and calls, and wonder how to turn off the WhatsApp on your phone for a while? Of course, Whatsapp is a very useful and necessary program that helps save money on communication and send messages, call or share photos and videos with relatives and friends without problems, even if they are on the other side of the world, but there are situations when you need to turn off the program. A very depleted battery, an important meeting, or a banal desire to stay in silence – the reasons can be different, as well as ways to temporarily turn off the messenger.

how to disconnect tats up for a while

How to disable WhatsApp without disconnecting the Internet

The easiest way to turn off the application is to simply turn off the Internet. WhatsApp does not work without a network connection, because it cannot communicate with the server. You will not see messages and will not be able to answer calls. However, if you need the Internet for other applications to work, try one of the options below.

How to temporarily turn off WhatsApp on Android

Several ways will help you temporarily disable whatsap on your Android phone..

Turn off the sound of notifications – this can be done using the volume rocker, swinging it down to the level of the vibration signal or completely turning off the volume.

how to disable whatsap on the phone for a while without disconnecting the internet

You can also turn off the sound of notifications in the program itself. To do this, go to the messenger settings, in the “Notifications” section, and for each type of notifications, configure your own sound signal or turn it off completely.

how to temporarily disable whatsap

Temporarily disconnect WhatsApp on iPhone

To turn off the messenger on the phone with the iOs operating system for a while, you can stop the application. To do this, go to the phone’s settings, in the “Applications” section, in the list of programs installed on the phone, find WhatsApp and in the menu that appears, click the “Stop” button.

how to disable whatsap on the phone for a while without disconnecting the internet

By turning off the application in this way, you can stay online in other programs and work with them.

The last way is to change the status. Typically, the interlocutors are guided by your status – if you are online and ready to chat, your friends will see the word “Online” under your name. Change it to Busy, Low Battery, or Can’t Talk. Having seen such a status, the interlocutor is unlikely to write to you, much less call.

Using these simple methods, you can temporarily stop the program and return to normal operation at any time.