How to restore correspondence in WhatsApp on Android after deletion

Whatsapp is a messenger that is used all over the world not only on mobile phones, but also on computers. WhatsApp is convenient for making calls and instant messaging over the Internet. Sometimes it happens that the chat history is deleted, for example, a child accidentally deleted the program, or a new phone appeared and correspondence needs to be transferred from the old one. Consider the question: WhatsApp how to restore history?

how to restore correspondence in vatsap after removal

How to recover deleted chat in Whatsapp on Android

 Resuming correspondence is not difficult, but you can return messages only within a week. Therefore, it is better not to hesitate, but to take up this process as soon as you see that everything has disappeared from the phone screen.

The program automatically creates copies and saves them in the internal memory of the phone. WhatsApp developers did not invent special servers for storing data, because every day millions of messages pass through the program. Sometimes a program makes copies to a flash card, but this is an exception to the rule. Below we’ll look at how you can recover important messages..

Step-by-step instruction

You can save them on a Google drive, but for this you need to first enter the appropriate settings. Let’s figure out how to restore correspondence in WhatsApp in a standard situation when they deleted by accident and did not make any presets.

  1. Remove WhatsApp. Do not worry, this procedure is necessary for recovery. We go to the Settings menu, then Application Manager. There, find Whatsapp and click Delete. how to restore correspondence in vatsap after removal on android
  2. Find My Files. Depending on the firmware and operating system of your smartphone, this folder may be located in different places. Next, find WhatsApp, in it Databases. how to recover deleted correspondence in vatsap on androidhow to restore correspondence in vatsap on android
  3. We are interested in the current database, this is the top item in the picture above. Click on msgstore.db.crypt8 and change the name to in msgstore.db.1.whatsap restore history
  4. Rename a copy of the day to restore, the date is indicated in the file name. Just remove the tail from the date.. how to restore history in vatsap
  5. Reinstall the application through the Play Market. how to recover deleted chat in whatsapp
  6. When installing, enter the same phone number and then click the Restore button and to recover deleted correspondence in vatsap on android step by step

Transfer messages to a new device

On the new gadget, you need to install the WhatsApp application, as described in step 5. Through the computer, in both phones you need to find the folders that are described in step 2. Then simply copy the files from the Databases folder of the old phone to this new gadget.

Everything, enjoy the new device. But it’s better to pre-create storage on Google drive, it’s more reliable there and does not take up phone memory. In the application settings, check the box that allows you to backup.