How to clear whatsapp cache

Any amount of gadget memory tends to run out. It does not depend on the capacity of removable or internal media. With high user activity, the device accumulates a lot of “garbage”, which can be disposed of without regret. To make room, it is better to start with instant messengers. Let’s find out: what data can be disposed of first of all, why do you need a repository of the most frequently extracted data, how to clear the WhatsApp cache – instructions and tips.

how to clear whatsup cache

What is WhatsApp Cache

Cleaning is always best to start with instant messengers, in particular, WhatsApp. Such programs are designed for communication between subscribers, the exchange of various information. The peculiarity is that files are sent directly from one user to another. This is a photo, and videos, and a large amount of textual correspondence. Such a stream of many megabytes is able to hammer any amount of memory to the eyeballs in the shortest possible time..

Thus, this is a clipboard between the parties, which stores information that can be used soon. This is such a storage from which the necessary is removed very quickly..

What does it mean to clear the WhatsApp cache

This means deleting all unnecessary files. And in the messenger this function is very convenient. It allows you to erase, for example, only video files. They take up a lot of space, slow down the system. But they may not carry any valuable information for the owner of the gadget. Text messages can be left: selectively or completely.

How to clear WhatsApp memory on iPhone

In order to erase data, you can use the body of the application in which such a function is built. Additionally, data is stored in the cloud.

The archived messages of the WhatsApp messenger on the iPhone are stored in the cloud storage – iCloud. They are methodically stored there during the owner’s communication in the messenger. Erase them to clean. [Sc name = “citat-close”]


  • Go to “Settings” in the WhatsApp menu;
  • go to “iCloud” — “Storage” — “WhatsApp Messenger”;
  • mark the item confirming the deletion of the marked.

If necessary, at the last stage, not all files are deleted, but they do it selectively. The choice can be made depending on the format or methodically deleting them one at a time – it will turn out to leave what is valuable to the smartphone owner.

How to perform cleaning on Android

A quick way to remove and clean is provided in the body of the program. No need to delve into system files. To do this, just go sequentially: “Settings” — “Data and storage” — “Storage”. In this section, the user has access to all chats sent to the archive. Mark the desired chat, at the top of the screen displays information with the volume of a specific conversation. The function allows you to navigate in the amount of space that will be freed up after removal. At the bottom of the screen, you can select a function that allows you to erase all data. In this way, the amount of free space can be controlled. This is convenient, for example, if you need to free up space for installing new software..

how to clear cache in whatsap

how to clear whatsap cache on iphone

To clean the WhatsApp cache on Android, you need to select one of the OS tools.


  • go to “Settings” — “Application Manager”;
  • Find the name of the messenger in the search bar;
  • enter the program, select “Delete data” or “Clear cache”.how to clean vatsap cache

Of course, you can erase all messages, videos and photos one at a time, choosing directly in the application. We will have to do a titanic amount of work, but in this case the user will be sure that he has not lost valuable data.

If you clear the WhatsApp cache that will be deleted

When deciding to free up space on media, you need to select the data that is of value to the user or interest. After starting the procedure, chat texts, accepted clips, photos and other types of files will be permanently deleted. In order to have access to them in the future, they save to the cloud. In addition, the user can perform selective “cleaning” in his gadget, leaving the necessary.

Cleaning this kind of memory is a necessary measure in the case when you need to free up space on the gadget. It is best to start the procedure by deleting the data that is stored in the archives of the messengers. This can be done using the program itself or using the capabilities of the OS. Better to remove unnecessary data from the cloud..